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Hello dear reader! I was running out of webspace but an Angel named Scott helped me out by transfer my whole page to his web destination. Now I am able to upload posts and pics. Please refer to this new adress: wandering.destinationunknown.com.au _______________ _______________ Scott was travelinng a lot and will do a bunch of … Continue reading

  • Thank you. I guess I won´t have many chances to get internet access the next days. Right now I am in Palenque, Maxico - rainbow gathering and the end of the world. Since Sep. 2011 I try to live without dependencies and it worked out very well. I am so happy to met all the great people over the last months. Its wonderful to know you are out there and you made my life fun and intense. Furthermore my heart always jumps in a circle if I get news of an old friend, thanks that you still think about me and somewhen drop me a message. Thank you so much! Love, Axel.




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